Purpose of Website - Website Planning

Whether your website is for business or personal interest, there are a number of things you have to consider before you start actually building your site. The first step should be deciding on the purpose of the website.

Purpose of Website - Why are you building this website?

Ask yourself, "Why am I building this website?"

The purpose of the website will influence the style, the website technologies required, hosting costs and budget required for your website.

Make Money with Website

A site built to make money from your website will require things like a way for the visitor to pay for the items, a shopping cart if you have a lot of things for them to purchase and security features to protect the purchaser's information. To give a good impression of your business your site needs to give a professional appearance.

Websites Built to Share Information

A website to share information may not require as many features as a site that sells something. One thing you have to consider is if you are going to allow visitors to add comments or additional resources to your site. This would require additional features from your website hosting.

Websites Built for Family and Friends

Family and friends websites would have a less formal feel. For this type of site you would also have to consider if your family and friends will be permitted to automatically add to the content of your website. Again, this would require additional features from your website hosting.

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Once the purpose of the website is established, you need to determine your target audience.

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What is the purpose of your website? To make money from your website? Share information? or For family and friends?.