View Source Code Web Design Tutorial Video

Below are flash and avi versions of our View Source Code web design tutorial videos showing how to view the source code in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera.

View Source Code in Internet Explorer

If viewing a file that is on your hard drive and using Internet Explorer you can edit it and then save it. Reactivate the browser window, click Refresh and your changes will appear.

View Source Code in Netscape

View Source Code in Opera

While viewing the source code of a web page located on your hard drive in Opera, you can edit the source code, save your changes then refresh the browser to see the changes made.

View Source Code in Firefox

When viewing the source code of a page on your hard drive in Firefox you cannot edit the file from the View/Source menu of Firefox.

There is an extension called Web Developer available you can install if you wish to be able to edit the source code from the Firefox browser.

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