Search Engine Submissions

Once the web site has been submitted to a search engine there are a few stages to the process of actually getting indexed.

When the website has been submitted to the search engine the search engine submission is put through different checks:

  1. Spider Simple Check

    The search engine spider is sent out to do a simple check on the website. It checkes:

    • That the URL is valid.

      The URL is your website address.

    • That the website is active.

      Checks that there really is a website at the url submitted and it has web pages.

    • For any redirects.

      Redirects are used by some unethical web marketers to submit a website to the search engine based on certain keywords then when the search engine bot arrives, it is redirected (taken) to another website such as a porm or spam website.

      There legitimate redirects in place. e.g. When the website content is moved to another domain name. If you are doing this, be sure that you are using the correct type of redirect. Some web servers will not let you redirect the way that is acceptable to the search engines, resulting in your website being banned or removed from the index.

  2. Queued for Crawling

    Once the website has passed the spider simple check the site is placed in a que for full web crawl.

  3. Full spidering/web crawling

    A different search engine spider (web crawler) will be sent out to crawl one page of content of the site for future indexing or it will do a deep crawl which is explained in our What Search Engine Spider Software Looks For and Search Engine Spider articles.

Search engine submissions may take some time to have a website indexed.

Each search engine receives thousands of submissions per day. Some search engines and directories, like DMOZ, have a human editor that checks each search engine submission for compliance with their submission rules. Others evaluate the site based on more automated criteria.

To see if the search engine spiders (web crawler) has visited the website examine the website's statistics.

For a list of web robots (search engine spiders, web crawlers) visit:

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When a website has been submitted to the search engine the search engine submission is put through different checks.