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Search engine indexing is done once the search engine spider (web crawler) returned from it's web crawl. Refer to our Web crawler article to see what information it collects.

Search Engine Indexing Process

The search engine indexing process takes the detailed information collected by the search engine spider (web crawler) and analyses the information.

Diagram of the search engine indexing process

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The information the search engine spider found on each page is analyzed, building a list of the words and phrases within the document taking into account:

Each search engine has a different way of analyzing this information therefore different results in the search engines is the result. A web page may do well in the search engine results on one search engine and poorly on another.

The indexed information is saved in a database, waiting for someone to do a search.

When someone does a search at the search engine (or directory), the words they entered in the search box are compared with the indexed information in the search engine's database and the list of web pages it feels are most relevant to the search are returned.

Search Engine Indexing Frequency

None of the search engines publish how often their indexes are updated.

They are always looking for fresh new content to add to their index so, adding new original content to your website or blog will help.

As other people find your website or blog on their own and start to link to it because they find it valuable to their readers, the search engine bots will find and follow the link. This will give the search engine bot an opportunity to have a look to see if you have any new content to index.

Making sure that all the links within your website/blog are working is another way for the search engine bots to find new and updated content to index.

Going over board on looking for linking partners though isn't going to help get your website or blog indexed or reindexed. The search engines are wise to this and may even stop them from visiting your site, eliminating you from the search engine indexing process.

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Search Engine Indexing is done once the search engine spider (web crawler) has returned from it's web crawl. The search engine indexing process.