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What CSS Code Validators Do

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code validators check that the web page style sheet coding is in compliance with CSS standards set by the W3C.

If your web page stylesheet(s) do not validate chances are they won't render properly in all the browsers. Use one of the many CSS code validators available to validate CSS code for each cascading style sheet in the web site. If the cascading style sheet is correct it doesn't take much time to validate CSS code.

CSS Code Validators Available

There are various CSS code validators available on the net. We use and recommend the W3C's free validation services to validate CSS code.

There are 3 choices, you can validate CSS code by using the url of the page , by uploading from your computer or by inserting CSS code.

Something you have to understand is, programs take time to write and update. Other CSS code validators online and downloadable programs may not be testing for the latest standard. The W3C group wrote the standards and created the validators available through their site and why we reccommend using their services to validate CSS code.

Using the W3C's CSS Validation Services

Note: Before validating embedded styles with the CSS validator you have to validate the HTML coding.

The W3C CSS Validation services interface has been updated. To see the following settings, click the More Options link to show the options.

In all versions select the following from the drop-down boxes:

Next, click the Check button.

If the CSS uses valid CSS coding and no warnings are found the CSS validator results will say "No error or warning found"

You may notice that some websites have an image that looks like this:

Valid CSS!

This indicates that the page uses valid CSS code. Once your pages validate you can also add the appropriate image to the page. The guidelines for image use are available at My document is valid, can I use your valid icon?

My CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) Won't Validate!

If you see the message "Errors" then the CSS validator found that there are CSS coding errors. Look below this message and there will be a list of errors contained in the CSS. The error(s) list which tag/class has the error and a suggestion of what is incorrect.

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Validate CSS Code - CSS Code Validators Learn to validate CSS code. How to use CSS validators. Produce CSS coding that contains compliant CSS code using a CSS validator.