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HTML Basic Tutor website targets small business owners, beginner web designers and hobbyist web site owners. The theme of the site is to promote good web design practices and coding by implementing the recommendations of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in a fashion that a person with little or no knowledge of web design can learn from.

HTML Basic Tutor was created as there is a noticeable need for a place that the novice web designer can learn good compliant coding practises. An accompanying e-book entitled HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified is available at Web Design eBooks and has an Yahoo! group for lesson support.

This website is a introductory reference website to learn about and how to write HTML 4.01 compliant coding from scratch when creating a website. What makes this website different than other websites available is that this website teaches you to code web pages with the latest version of the HTML standard and without relying on a program to create the pages for you. After reading through the HTML Basic Tutor website you will be able to go back to your favourite HTML editor (if you have one) and clean up/optimize your web page coding.

With this website you will be able to code your basic website without purchasing any other HTML editors.

The content was written with the novice in mind. No previous web design experience is required. It is assumed that you have some basic knowledge of how to use your computer (make folders, save files, open files, and use your browser).

S.R. Emerson, Programmer/Web Developer, Owner

S.R. Emerson owns and operates SRT Services located in British Columbia, Canada.

S.R. Emerson holds a diploma in Program Analysis and Web Development and continues to build her computer and web development skills.

Currently, S.R. Emerson posts HTML lessons in the Web Development Training Yahoo group and organizational tutorials related to web design in the Successful Website Marketing Training yahoo group.

She is also the CoModerator of the following Yahoo Groups:

Web Design and Internet Related Blogs

SRT Services operates 3 blogs, Web Page Mistakes, Website Checklist and Computer Basics in addition to the HTML Basic Tutor website.

Web Page Mistakes blog covers the typical mistakes made when designing web pages and web sites.

The Website Checklist blog is where we are building a website checklist for those who want to create a web presence for their business. There will be articles and resources related to building a website. Topics include Website Planning, Building a Website, Publishing a Website and Maintaining a Website.

Computer Basics is where you can learn the basics for using your computer efficiently. Currently this blog is divided into the following sections:

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