HTML Tag Reference

This basic HTML tag reference covers the basic HTML tags required for the HTML document structure of a web page and basic HTML tags used for formatting content on a web page.

When creating a web page there are some basic HTML tags required to build the HTML document structure of the page. These would be the DOCTYPE declaration, HTML tags, head tags and body tags.

Once the HTML document structure of the web page is in place there are basic HTML tags to format the presentation of the web page content.

Basic HTML Document Tags

The basic HTML document tags below form the outline of the HTML document structure. These tags are required for the web page coding to validated and rendered correctly in browsers.

For further explaination of these tags see our HTML document structure article.

Basic HTML 4.01 Tags

Below is a basic html tag reference of the html tags used to format the content of a web page.

Comment Tag

Comment Tag Articles:

Comment Tags How the comment set of tags can be uses within your HTML document.

Horizontal Spacing Tags

Non-Breaking Space Articles

Non-Breaking Space - What it is , how to use the non-breaking space in HTML and when not to use it.

Vertical Formatting Tags

Vertical Formatting Articles:

Using the <br> Tag - Line Break Tag Using the br tag (line break tag) in HTML coding to move text or image to a new line.

Paragraph Tag The paragraph tags are used to define a block of text as a paragraph. This HTML element is one of the basic HTML tags you should learn to use properly.

Text Formatting Tags

Other Formatting Tags

Heading Tags

Heading Tags Articles:

Heading Structure and Search Engine Optimization Each search engine prioritizing the importance of headings therefore it is important to use heading tags correctly to create proper heading structure.

Heading Structure Heading structure is important not only to present a clear structure to the web page but also in consideration of those using text readers and the search engines.

Linking Tags

List Tags

Image Tags

Image Tag Articles:

Image Alt Tags Do you use the image alt tag properly on your website? The image alt tag is to be used to supply information about the image.

Table Tags

Table Articles:

Learn to Design HTML Tables with Less Code As a beginner starting off in HTML coding you are very tempted to design HTML tables when creating web pages. Having not learned the ins and outs of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) the HTML table seems to be the only way to have the web page render the way it was intended.

Improving Download Speed Tables can be hard for the browser to render. The browser processes all the code contained in the table before rendering it on the browser screen.

HTML Tables and Search Engine Optimization Search engines read tables from left to right, row by row. For search engine optimization the web page content needs to be positioned so it is read first.

Not Designing for Most Common Screen Resolution Have you visited a website that has a web page width too wide for your monitor or browser window? You have to use the horizontal scroll to go back and forth reading and/or looking for information on the page. This makes reading the website very hard and can be very annoying if the website has some information the visitor is interested in.

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Basic HTML Tag Reference - HTML tag reference for basic HTML tags of HTML 4.01. Basic HTML tags required to build HTML document structure of web page. Basic HTML tags used to format web page content.